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An effective drug against impotency, Viagra is known to be more effective than the regular Viagra. You can try Viagra for more pleasure when you are with your partner.

Drug Uses

Viagra, which is an effective drug against erectile dysfunction, is considered to be more effective than other impotency drugs.

How Taken

Viagra comes in tablet form. The drug should be taken half an hour before you engage in sexual activity. Once you have taken Viagra you can have immense pleasure for about eight hours. The prescribed dose is one Viagra pill a day.

Missed Dose

There is no chance that people will miss a dose of Viagra as those who need it only take the drug.

More Information

If you are taking any medicine that contains nitrates, then you have to avoid Viagra as taking the two can drop your blood pressure suddenly to unsafe levels. This may even lead to a cardiac arrest, stroke and dizziness. The drug is only prescribed for men and it has to be taken only under the guidance of a doctor.


Always consult your doctor before using Viagra. You have to inform the doctor about all your health conditions so that he can take an appropriate decision on the Viagra medication.

Better inform your doctor if you had an attack or stroke. Do not hide from the physician if you have a history of angina, heart failures. It will be good to disclose to the doctor if you have coronary artery diseases, low or high blood pressure and problems of the liver and kidney, leukemia and sickle cell anemia.

The doctor should also know if you have tumor of the bone marrow, retinitis pigmentosa, prolonged and painful erections, stomach ulcer and Peyronie's disease. In case you have the above-mentioned problems, sometimes your doctor may not prescribe Viagra or he may go for dosage adjustments.

Side Effects

Like all impotency drugs, Viagra also comes with many side effects. But the good thing is that these side effects do not last longer. Headache, flushing and upset stomach are the most common side effects that come with Viagra. Irregular heart beat, heart attack and stroke have been rarely reported in persons who have used Viagra.

Some persons can experience longer erections that can last for more than four hours after taking Viagra. If this happens, you have to immediately consult the doctor as longer erections can cause damage to your penis.

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The world's leading pharmaceutical company, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, is the founder of the most successful and the most frequently adopted ED treatment. Not only does this drug helps out impotent men, but also has become a mean of exaggerating one’s sexual potential for more and more intense climax and elevated emotional strength. Statistical analysis shows that every man, in some stage of his life, especially the modern busy man, suffers from declined sexual strength that has a wide spectrum of causes. Of these causes, emotional trauma, economic destabilization and loss of physical vigor are chief determinants. But, history has it, along with the disease comes the cure too. Pfizer's Viagra has become very popular in buying the male more time, more emotions and correspondingly more erectile strength synchronizing his mental enthusiasm with his physical strength in regard to his sexuality. More about blue pill

Different people use medicines for different purposes. Usually people take medicines according to the prescription of their family doctor for the treatment of their medical illness. There is another class of people who take medicines in order to maintain the level of proteins and other enzymes in their body. Such medicines usually come in the form of tablets and professional doctors recommend these medicines after knowing the deficiency of proteins in their body. If you are one of those people who are facing any medical illness due to the deficiency of any element or proteins then your doctor will also prescribe you some medicines which will be quite effective for your body. Health diseases are of different types. Some diseases are very common in people and usually it is caused by any bacteria or virus. In this article I shall tell you about the medical problem which is not caused by virus or bacteria, but it is caused by the unhealthy food. The unhealthy food that contains a large amount of cholesterol is the main reason of this medical problem. People call it as erectile dysfunction and it is a sexual problem in men. Not all men become the victim of this sexual problem. Majorly those become the victim who always takes high cholesterol food. How high cholesterol food becomes the cause of erectile dysfunction? This is a common and important question, and here I shall give you its brief answer. Well, the use of high cholesterol food increases the cholesterol layer inside the vessels. This deposition creates hindrance in the flow of blood and becomes the problem for penile erection. Since less blood flows through the blood vessels as well as from the penis, that is why the penis remains unable to become hard and stiff. Due to this problem with penis, the normal man can never do have sex with his life partner in any case.

Though the treatment of erectile dysfunction is available in market in the form of tablets but people should try to avoid this sexual problem. It is truly said that prevention is better than cure. It will be better for you if you take the healthy food and go for complete medical checkup on regular basis rather than wasting your money and time for this sexual problem treatment. This is all about the erectile dysfunction problem and its major cause.

Let us discuss about the medicine that is proved to be useful for erectile dysfunction treatment. Many pharmaceutical companies have started producing those medicines which are very effective for ED treatment. But which medicine is best in all. Every medicine has some advantages and some disadvantages. Viagra is considered the best medicine by all professional doctors because it carries very few side effects and is very effective regarding ED treatment. Viagra medicine comes in the form of diamonds blue pills on which Pfizer name is engraved. 25 mg, 100 mg and 50 mg are the available doses of Viagra and your doctor can recommend you any dose after the complete checkup of your health condition.